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Monday, May 15, 2023

Some family members could irritate you by their envious behaviour. But no need to lose your temper otherwise situation could go out of control. Remember what can’t be cured must be endured. Money gains will not be to your expectations. Trouble seems to be brewing on the home front so take care of what you say. Love pangs will unable you to sleep today. Natives who have a creative job can face various problems today. You can realize the importance of a job over creative work. Natives of this zodiac sign should read some spiritual books in their free time today. By doing this, many of your troubles can be overcome. An old issue might crop up in between you two during a humorus discussion, which will eventually convert into an argument.

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Lucky Number :- 8

Lucky Color :- Black and Blue

Remedy :- Distribute and also eat white coloured sweets for positive health vibrations.

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Aquarius daily horoscope
is a guideline which will help you to know about your events and their consequences. It will guide you
in terms of your auspicious results. It will warn you about your events which have not happened yet.
Indian people do see Muhurat to understand auspicious time. If permutation and combination of a particular
time turn out to be favourable for you, it may provide better results. However, it may also curse you
or not provide better results. We use Indian calendar, also known as
, to see favorable time. This Hindu calendar is different from Gregorian Calendar. It
is good enough if you know the consequences of your events earlier in order to take necessary steps.

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You might have questions into your mind with regards to
Aquarius sign
like Is Aquarius an air or water sign? What kind of person is an Aquarius? What
is the most compatible sign for Aquarius? What is an Aquarius like? Who do Aquarius not get along with?
What sign is Aquarius most attracted to? Is Aquarius a water or earth sign? What is an Aquarius like?
What is the sign of a Aquarius? Here on Astrosage, we are about to elaborate all the traits about Aquarius
sign. You will be able to know inherent attributes of Aquarius sign if you are born under Aquarius sign
as a ascendant or moon sign. Before heading towards the Aquarius Horoscope Today, let’s understand about
Aquarius sign for better understanding of the guidelines given in Aquarius daily horoscope:

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What is Aquarius sign?

Aquarius Daily Horoscope is based on the eleventh sign of Kaal Purush Kundali. It is eleventh sign of
Zodiac too. It represents the eleventh house of Kaal
Purush Kundali. It is a house of gains and incomes in
Kaal Purush. It is again 300 in longitude. It extends from 3000 from vernal equinox to 3300. Sun will
be at the northern course. It contains last two padas of Dhanishta, full pada of Satabhisha and 1st,
2nd and 3rd padas of Poorvabhadra Nakshatras.

According to Sayana system, Sun transits into Aquarius
on or around 21st Jan and leaves Aquarius on or around 19th Feb. However, according to Nirayana system,
the sun will enter in Aquarius on 13th Feb and leave on 12th March every year. Saturn rules over two
signs in Astrology, one is Capricorn and another is Aquarius. This is the second sign ruled by Saturn.

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Neither of the planet gets exalted nor debilitated in this sign. This sign is friendly to
and Venus, whereas it is enemy sign for Sun, Moon, Mars and
. Saturn is strong in this sign.

Aquarius Born people and their Physical Appearance

As we have elaborated all about Aquarius sign, now, we will talk about the physical appearance of Aquarius
born people. People born under particular sign of zodiac do reflect different appearances. It is a basically
the combined effect of planets, rashi and nakshatra on us. Aquarius horoscope today will help you to
let know about the some significant and common physical appearances of Aquarius born. If you are born
in Aquarius sign, we are hoping that you may find some common traits or expressions within you. Let’s
understand few physical appearance below about Aquarius:

  • They are tall with full stature and strong in physique.
  • Their face is oval and complexion is fair.
  • They have handsome appearances.
  • They may have defect in teeth. They have brown shaded hair.
  • They may have a mole or scar in the calf muscle.

Characteristics of Aquarius Born People

We have already described about physical temperaments of Aquarius born people. Now we will discuss few
characteristic and traits about
Aquarius born
. For more information on daily basis, you must read our Aquarius daily Horoscope,
it will help you to disclose prior to the results of the day, so that remedial actions can be taken
out if needed. It may guide you too in a right direction to proceed your important tasks of that particular
day. Let’s understand below the common characteristics of Aquarius born people:

  • They are intelligent. Nobody can fool them by flattery and serve his purpose.
  • They are able to read the character of others and may find the motive.
  • They are slow in grasping and absorbing fresh ideas even though they are intelligent. However, they
    don’t forget as they have good retentive power.
  • They have a broad outlook, human understanding, and are unselfish, humane and impersonal due to 11th
  • They are silent workers in any society or club.
  • They endeavour to maintain harmony and change any undesirable, unhealthy or detrimental condition to
    progress further.
  • They allow others to attempt or agree to perform a difficult task.
  • They have their own way of thinking. They use their own discretion. They always try to originate new
  • They don’t hesitate to do any irregular or unusual thing if they think it’s morally fine. They don’t
    like to dress up like others. They try to maintain their own individuality, peculiarity, mannerism and
  • They have intuitive mind and inclination towards the science. Being the fixed sign, they are constant
    in their friendship and stick to their principle.
  • They are very determinant in their all undertakings and do succeed in long run. They are good for research
  • They are stubborn but not foolish. If they don’t like to do any task, nobody can make them finish the
    task or put pressure on them to accomplish the task.
  • It is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac and hence known as “Kama House” as 11th house is known as Kama
  • They have a desire to learn physical subjects. They develop intuition and inspiration.
  • They prefer deep meditation and good concentration. They develop their mental will and prefer sociology
    as a special science.

What does Aquarius sign signify in various aspects of life?

Aquarius horoscope today will enable you to know about your various aspects of life on daily basis.
We must learn first what in actual Aquarius sign signifies in our life which can be understood with
the help of Aquarius daily horoscope.

Health: Known as the 11th sign of the zodiac, their ankle or limb may get affected. They must
take care about their varicose veins. Their heart may cause trouble for them and cause rheumatism or
blood pressure. Legs may swell. Afflicted Venus may cause skin diseases, eczema etc. They may suffer
from eye troubles. Moon may cause dropsy.

Finance: They make money through machineries, inventions and discoveries. They do not believe
in earning money only then and there, however, they stay on it for long period. They do work very patiently
and after finding some development, stop working on the particular task. That is how they make money.
They never search for honour but it comes to them automatically. They are neither economically liberal
nor extravagant. They have talent and ambition. They are both fortunate and unfortunate.

Environment: They keep the home clean and tidy so that they can entertain their friends frequently.
The home will be well furnished. There may be a collection of antiques arranged in modern fashion.

Marriage: As they are intelligent, they always prefer educated and equally intelligent partner.
They prefer equally shrewd, social and studious partner. They do not give expression to their love.

Lucky Days: Thursdays, Fridays, Tuesdays and Mondays are fortunate days. Wednesdays and Sundays
are unfortunate days. Saturdays offer mixed results. Tuesdays and Thursdays are better for speculations.
Saturdays should be avoid for purchases and investment.

Lucky Colour: Yellow, Red, White and Cream are lucky colours. Avoid orange, Green, and Blue.

Lucky Numbers: 3, 9, 2, 7 etc. Avoid 1, 4, 5, 8

What do all 12 houses signify for Aquarius Born?

Astrology Houses play prominent role to know the numerous aspects of our life. If you are keen to know
about your routine tasks before occurring the same. You should read our Aquarius daily horoscope in
order to get an idea about your events not happened yet. It can be truly understood by the house significations
for Aquarius born. Let’s know the significations of the houses below for Aquarius sign and how these
houses are being operated by the divine?

  • First House: First house
    tells about “yourself”. Aquarius itself rules over the first house for Aquarius born people. It is governed
    by the planet Saturn.
  • Second House: It denotes Family, Wealth, and Finances. Pisces is governed by the planet Jupiter
    and it governs the second house for Aquarius born people.
  • Third house: This house tells about Communication & Siblings in any horoscope. Aries rules
    over this house of astrology for Aquarius born and its ruling planet is Mars.
  • Fourth House: Fourth House indicates about “Sukhsthana” or the house of mother. Taurus rules
    over fourth house for Aquarius born people and its ruling planet is Venus.
  • Fifth House: This house indicates Children and Education. Gemini rules over
    fifth house
    and the ruling planet for this house is Mercury.
  • Sixth House: This house indicates debt, disease and enemy. Cancer rules over Sixth house
    for Aquarius born and the ruling planet of this house is Moon.
  • Seventh House: This House indicates partnership, spouse and marriage. Leo rules over seventh
    house for Aquarius born and the ruling planet is Sun.
  • Eighth House: Eighth house tells about “Longevity” and “Mystery”. Virgo rules over
    eighth house
    and the ruling planet of this sign is Mercury.
  • Ninth House: This house tells “Guru/Teacher” & “Religion”. Libra rules over ninth house for
    Aquarius rising and the ruling planet is Venus for this sign.
  • Tenth House: This house tells career or profession or Karma sthana. Scorpio rules over tenth
    house for Aquarius born people and the ruling planet is Mars.
  • Eleventh House: This house tells the gains and incomes. Sagittarius occupies eleventh house for
    Aquarius Born people and the ruling planet is Jupiter .
  • Twelfth House: Twelfth house describes the expenditure and losses. Capricorn occupies this house
    for Aquarius born people and it is ruled by the planet Saturn.

As we have discussed above the various characteristics for Aquarius born people. If you need to know
more traits of Aquarius born on daily basis, you must read our Aquarius horoscope today. It will lead
you in right direction and also help you to analyse the favourable time to start any auspicious work.

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Lucky number: 3, 9 and 2
Lucky Color: Yellow and red
Lucky Day: Thursday and Friday


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